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NOURISHED: a group mentorship container for women

Nourished will take you from feeling disconnected and dull to being taken care of and seen in your female body and feminine power. You will learn how to nourish your body in each phase of your cycle, discover the tools to heal from trauma in the womb and yoni, and come home to yourself. Some of our juicy topics include creating safety in your female body, the connection between the heart and womb, why a nourished yoni (vagina) is important for creativity, happiness, and intellectual curiosity, ancient Goddess archetypes, foundations of sacred sexuality, sisterhood, enhancing your creativity through body based wisdom, and so much more! This course is my love letter to you. I want you to feel so held within its arms and so excited to experience what you're meant to uncover.

Payment Plans

8 Plans Available, From $200.00/month
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