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Examples of Work

Yoga of the Moon
womb elements-01.jpg
Reframing Limiting Beliefs -01.jpg
moon flow graphic-01.jpg
do you remember-01.jpg
womb witch-01.jpg
she moves, wild woman-01.jpg
boosting or blocking womb healing dark-01.png
female pelvis texture-01.jpg
female pelvis slide 2-01.jpg
wild womb sacred yoni wet rose-01.png
womb wisdom and female sexuality-01.png
Earth Element-01.jpg
Fire Element-01.jpg
Air Element-01.jpg
Water Element-01.jpg
Menstrual Phase 1-01.png
Menstrual Phase-01.png
Follicular Phase 1-01.png
Follicular Phase 2-01.png
Luteal Phase 1-01.png
Luteal Phase-01.png
Ovulation Phase-01.png
Ovulation Phase 2-01.png
Yogini Shakti Tantra

formerly The Inner Yogini

yogini shakti tantra logo darkest text copy-01.png
chakra graphic-01.jpg
lotus snake dark coral-01.png
rainbow star sky new signature and handle-01.png
signature and handle-01.png
first bone nebula background-01.png
Power slider cover 2-01.png
how to practice feminine spirituality copy-01.jpg
Kundalini girl smaller snake-01.png
Divine feminine vs wounded feminine-01.png
updated temple background-01.png
goddess affirmation pleasure-01.png
tri shakti banner pic.jpg
life is a sacred ritual-01.png
e book cover.jpg
dark background pancha kosha.jpg
YouTube Banner-01.jpg
Story _What to Expect_.JPG
sisterhood story ad march-01.jpg
College Projects

Please note that these are examples from a college group project. I am in no way affiliated with the vodka industry nor do I promote the consumption of alcohol in anyway.

Mango ss.png
Taste two ss.png
Absolut nights snap filter.png
Absolut Hottie Snapfilter.png
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