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a soiree in the in between

Gather, dine, and delight in the sensual pleasure of delicious food.

Invoke an archetype of the Deep Feminine.

Enter a temple space with other mystical women.

Experience sacred feminine teachings & practices from your hosts.

more than your average secret dinner

A secret dinner is what it sounds like - a gathering for a wonderful meal at an undisclosed location. Participants know the approximate location, and receive the exact details 24hrs before the event. The location is chosen based on beauty, theme, and the energy of the event. It is a moment to give yourself to the mystery.

Woven Moon Secret Dinners pair these elements with an opportunity to embody an archetype of the Feminine through your creativity, your adornments, and the rituals we hold at the event.

Our dinners are for women to connect, express, & treat themselves in a way that is dark, ancient, & deep.

on the eve of beltane


in the shadow of sahmain


Two women were born.

Morgan & Kate met in an online Goddess Collective where they were randomly paired together in a zoom breakout room. Kate soon moved to the enchanted mountains of Western North Carolina (where Morgan was already living) and they became close friends. When Kate received inspiration for creating secret dinners for women, she turned to Morgan so they could combine their magick and their love of mystical feminine archetypes.

Kate, a Reiki Master & Yoga Nidra Facilitator, 

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