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I'm Morgan Woelflein

pronounced wolf-line

Wild Woman of the Moon
Yoga Teacher
of the
A voice for the wisdom of nature that exists within.

I guide you back to the innate wisdom of your body.

The Body's Innate Wisdom & Yoga

Our bodies are amazing. I believe they are gifts for us to use to re-connect with our souls, with the Earth, and the nature within us and all around us. Our bodies hold onto all the experiences we’ve had. In our culture, we’re so often focused on healing our minds, it’s like we forget that we have these amazing bodies as vessels for everything. In my own healing journey, I did not feel whole until I healed my body. When you tune into what your body is telling you, it paves the way for amazing healing, deep inner knowing, and connection.


One of the greatest tools we have for re-connecting to our bodies is yoga. When I teach yoga, either one-on-one, in small groups, or in larger classes I focus on clear cueing and moments of guided interoception. This allows my students to move through the practice seamlessly and really tune in to what their bodies need.

Yoga also brings us physical awareness of our bodies. When we start to re-connect to our bodies on a physical level, the cells come online and you become aware of your body on an energetic level. By listening to your body and honoring its needs during a yoga practice, you will become more in tune with what you need in all other areas of your life.

Nature Within

Our culture lives at opposition to nature. Instead of living on the Earth we live in boxes. Instead of communicating with nature we communicate with screens. This is not innately wrong, however I feel it has caused us to forget that we are as much a part of nature as the trees in the most abundant forest. The seasons live within us, the rising and setting of the sun, the cycles of the moon. 


Each day is based on the circadian rhythm, as it exists in all humans. This is beautiful AND it has caused a disconnect from the other natural cycles in nature. Women are VERY connected to these cycles. The cycle of moon literally lives within us. Our bodies are completely ruled by it. Our energy ebbs and flows as gracefully as the tide. Our emotions can be roaring waves or the soft silver light of the Full Moon. I believe that when we connect with this beautiful cyclical nature within ourselves, it opens up our bodies and minds to great depths of healing, expansion, and happiness.

As I went through my Yoga Journey I was simultaneously going through a Womb Journey. This showed me the many similarities between the teaching of yoga and the honoring of the nature within. My sacred goal is to share this connection through my teaching and guide my students to remember the amazing-ness that exists inside.

Long Story Short

After graduating from Appalachian State University in 2018 I began a fast paced career in fashion, assisting a top personal stylist. On paper, business trips to designer showrooms and front row seats at New York Fashion Week seemed amazing, but in my heart, I knew I was not fulfilled.


When I was furloughed at the beginning of the pandemic, I started applying for jobs left and right and networking constantly. I was doing everything my successful family and friends told me to do. After spending week after week after week on job applications only to get ghosted, I was left feeling almost as drained and depressed as I did when I was severely burned out from my job in fashion. The thing that was bringing me the most joy was my yoga practice at the end of the day.


I decided to take a break from my relentless job search and look into Yoga Teacher Training. One of the first things I did was start to practice on my own. During my first Self Practice, I put on a Podcast called "You Can Be Feminine and Feminist with Sahara Rose” on Highest Self Podcast. All of it resonated so deeply with me. She spoke about the masculine energy of pushing outward, going after things and the feminine energy of being in a confident, receptive state. It made me realize why I was feeling so unhappy constantly pushing out and chasing after things, because I was living in the masculine. It was so out of alignment for me. I needed to re-learn how to be in my feminine.


This realization caused a series of events that took me deeper and deeper into my own inner knowing, the cyclic nature of my body, my creativity, and the wisdom of the Earth and the Moon. I moved away from the hectic D.C. area to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western, N.C., I began working for a Tantrik Yogini creating digital art, editing photos, and doing graphic design, and I began my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Mind the Mat.

Mind the Mat’s Yoga Teacher Training focused on the merging of science and spirit. We dove deep into all the layers of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and the art of cueing. I am so thankful to have received my yoga education from such an intelligent, grounded, and compassionate team. Our director taught us the importance of cueing through a trauma informed lens to always give our students the choice to move in a certain way. She also highlighted how important it is to guide students back to their bodies so they are empowered to move in the best way for them. I strive to embody these beautiful lessons in my own yoga teaching.

As I went through my Yoga Journey I was simultaneously going through a Womb Journey. I had my first period in four and a half years, I came off birth control, and I allowed myself to view my cyclic nature as a gift. One of the Yamas in Yoga Philosophy is Satya, truthfulness. Connecting to my natural cycle was connecting to my truth as a woman, a yoga teacher, and a soul in a human body. These two journeys showed me the many similarities between the teaching of yoga and the honoring of the nature within. My sacred goal is to share this connection through my teaching and guide my students to remember the amazing-ness that exists inside.


This journey has also allowed me to re-connect with my creativity! I create digital art and do graphic design for a feminine spirituality business. My creations embody the divine feminine through my client's vision. If you have a yoga, spirituality, or feminine leadership or healing business and are in need of a graphic designer, let's collaborate! I would love to connect.

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