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RYT 200 (2021), Yogini Shakti Tantra Apprenticeship (2020-22), Female Pelvic Health Intensive (2023) Cosmic Feminine Facilitator Training with Moon Body (in progress)

My purpose is to help women feel at home in their female bodies.

When I first began my Yoga Teacher Training my "WHY" came to me with the utmost clarity: I am going to become a yoga teacher so I can help women feel at home in their bodies after experiencing sexual trauma or assault. At this point, I was under the impression that yoga had brought me this. Little did I know that my realization was only the beginning of my own journey to home inside my female body.

This moment sparked a series of events that made me stop taking hormonal birth control, discover the Goddess, move to the land of my maternal lineage, and embark on deep journey of menstrual cycle healing, womb awakening, and Goddess-based spirituality.



My Core Values


Growing up I always felt like there was something missing from my life. I never knew what it was until I learned of the primordial Goddess and finally felt whole. To me, the Goddess lives within our bodies, in nature, and in cosmos. I find her in the center of my womb, in my cervix, in the moonlight that dances on my skin, in the water that gushes from rocks. To worship the Goddess means to honor the Divine Feminine Creatress and Destroyer as the main divine principle. She who births the universe. When you hear the word Goddess, it may not mean the same to you as it does to me. That's okay. I feel that the power of the Goddess supports me in my work. I often incorporate various Goddesses into the work I do, exploring different iterations of the Goddess such as Lilith, Hecate, Inanna, Aphrodite, and more. Growing up I always refused to say the words "lord" and "king" in church. I know now it's because I knew, even then, that the Divine that calls to me is Goddess, Queen of Heaven and Earth.


I am all about womb wisdom and pussy power. Healing and awakening my womb and pussy were truly the most transformative things I've ever experienced. As women, our bodies operate on a 28 day hormonal cycle, living in alignment with this, with your menstrual cycle, is key to creating safety and nourishment in your female body. When we feel safe and nourished in our bodies, our pussies can open up to new realms of pleasure. We store trauma in our hips, womb, and yoni. I provide the women I work with a safe space to release the energetic and physical blocks they are holding on to. In my work and in my own life I use womb meditation, womb-centered yoga, intuitive, sensual movement, yoni de-armoring, pussy massage, and self pleasure as sacred tools to heal the body and awaken life-force (Shakti-Kundalini) energy within the body. Connecting to my womb and pussy and awakening their wisdom has unlocked vast realms of spiritual experiences for me. I believe that our wombs are oracles of ancient wisdom and our orgasms have psychedelic potential. I often say, "Why do drugs when you can just have psychedelic orgasms?" After working with me, my clients have experienced Kundalini awakenings and ecstatic states of energetic orgasm. These are the powers of the female body. These are the powers you hold, too.


I am here to support you to feel at home in your female body. There is a huge epidemic of disembodiment in our modern world. We're taught mind over body, logic over intuition. As women this is counterintuitive to our natural state. We quite literally have an organ that holds intuition and shares messages about our body every single day. Our body is the only home we have throughout our entire life. When we are disconnected from her this leads to anxiety, depression, and other physical and mental health conditions. Creating a life that supports your female nervous system, is in alignment with your menstrual cycle, and allows you to create safety within yourself, is how you come home to your body. This is SO important to me because for 24 years I was living in a disembodied state. By my 24th birthday I was burnt out, inflamed (especially in my breasts), experiencing chronic migraines, anxious, and depressed. By my 25th birthday I was rested, hormonally balanced, strong, relaxed, happy, and spiritually in tune. Since then, I've definitely had ups and downs, but over all, I have never been this capable at handling my emotions, I have never had such easeful menstrual cycles, and I have never before felt so safe in my female body that my orgasms literally take me to the center of the universe.


I stand for women. I serve women through my work. I view my world through the lens of my own womanhood and am constantly seeking to learn of other women's experiences. When I hear of any political conflict I ask myself, "How does this impact women?" When I learn of a new yoga pose or a spiritual practice I ask myself, "How does this work in the female body? How does this work with the menstrual cycle?" It is important to me to be fully authentic and honest in my work. The sacredness of women that I advocate for in my work applies to the other areas of my life as well. It is quite literally the lens through which I view the world. This comes quite naturally to me, as I always have wanted to understand how women and girls live around the globe. When the overload of information becomes overwhelming, I make a conscious choice to return to this core value: how does this impact women and girls? How does this impact the safety and wellbeing of the female body? There are many buzz words around the Feminine, womb healing, and yoni work, but truly, from the bottom of my heart, I desire to create offerings that allow women to thrive. The more I have seen the beauty in women, the more I have been able to see the beauty in men. However, our world is designed based on male physiology. The average work day mirrors the male hormonal cycle, women are incredibly under represented in medical research, and safety tests in cars are based on the male body. We are in desperate need of a societal reframing that centers women. I am here as a part of that mission.

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