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the female body
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Enter the Womb

These containers are for the woman who is truly ready to enter into the realm of the forbidden feminine and discover new layers of the ancient magick that exists in her womb, pussy, and heart. 

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Embrace Your Wild

Our Wombs are wild and so are we.


When we connect to our Wombs we connect to the seasons, the phases of the moon, to the nature that exists within. We connect to our wildness, our essence, to all of creation.

This has the power to change the world.

Reclaim the Beauty of Your Blood

One of the most forbidden parts of our bodies is our menstrual blood, but our ancient ancestors knew this elixir was sacred. Menstrual blood is filled with stem cells and is the essence of the potential of life. Symbolism of menstrual blood is in countless spiritual and religious traditions around the world, but instead of learning of it's power, we're taught to hide it, that it's dirty, and that it's a curse to bleed. Healing your relationship to menstruation and your blood plays a huge role in improving your periods, honoring the Underworld parts of yourself, and accepting the wholeness of your womanhood.

Learn how to honor your bleeding time

Alchemize your period pain through somatic practices

Shift the narrative into viewing this time as sacred and beautiful

Transform the past mistreatment of your cycle into healing

Let the Dark Goddess initiate you into a new form of healing and empowerment

Learn yoga poses that support you in releasing your blood and support your pelvic floor health

Receive meditations that connect you to the sacredness of your menstruation

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1:1 Womb Ceremony Online

A 2hr personalized ceremonial container for you to experience deep Womb & Yoni healing. Every part of this is designed for you, your needs, and what I intuitively feel would serve you during the ceremony.


This may include guided movement, yoni nidra, womb yoga, breath work, meditation, energy healing, or audio/written practices after the session. This is for you if you're new to womb healing & sacred sexuality, going through a specific womb/pussy related issue you want support on, or you just want to be held in a ceremony that honors the wholeness of your womanhood.

Wherever you are on this beautiful Earth, this is for you!

1:1 Womb Ceremony in Nature

Is your temple the forest? Your garden? A favorite waterfall? One of my most favorite offerings is a Womb Ceremony in a special place in nature you connect to on a deep level.

A 2hr personalized ceremonial container for you to experience deep Womb & Yoni healing. Every part of this is designed for you, your needs, and what I intuitively feel would serve you during the ceremony. We will meet in person at a beautiful spot local to Asheville, NC.

This will include similar practices and intentions as the online Womb Ceremony, though we will be in your personal nature temple.

* if there is a focus you want to have during your session (like Womb Yoga, Female Pelvic Health, or Sacred Sexuality) let me know
Your Pleasure is Sacred

Lap of Honey, Boat of Heaven, Jade Palace, Lotus of Her Wisdom, Heavenly Gate, Treasure. What do these words have in common? They're all ancient descriptions of the Vagina. When we compare these to modern slang for the Yoni, it's shocking how disrespectful our society is to the Holy Vulva.


When we, as women, are deeply connected to our sexuality, having multiple types of orgasms, and feeling nourished and SAFE in our sexual experiences, we are naturally more creative, more mystical, and more able to see the connection between things. Our pleasure creates a chemical reaction that makes us wild and wise.


Society has been on a quest to make women forget the power of our pussies. We are not taught how to have deeply healing sex. We're told not to touch ourselves, that our bodies are for the male gaze, and even that it's normal to dislike sex. Healing your relationship to your sexuality and your Yoni is key for being the most empowered version of yourself, in bed AND out in the world. You deserve to have delicious, life changing orgasms.

Be held with love as you journey into this once forbidden part of your female body

Learn the tools to release pain/numbness from the vagina, increase safety & relaxation in the body, and advocate for yourself and your pleasure


Explore new realms of pleasure inside your yoni to experience deeper orgasms

Learn proper female body alignment to use in yoga & other exercise to nourish a strong pelvic floor (and keep those orgasms feeling extra yummy)

Receive practices that guide you to a closer relationship with your pussy

Meet the Goddess, the Force of Life, in your pussy

1:1 Deep Feminine Mentorship

This women's mentorship is like entering an ancient Goddess temple for deep healing. It is a way to be held and supported as you com home to the embodied spirit of your womanhood. Womb yoga & movement practices are specially designed to help you heal your pelvic floor and nourish your female body. Guided meditations and energy work integrate the divine feminine spirit with the physical healing that takes place in your body. Personalized practices allow you to receive support around what's alive for you. Our conversations are deep dives into your womb story, female pleasure, female anatomy & physiology, Goddess/Spirit/God, and all of the realities of being a woman in our modern world.

Mentorship Includes

90min Mentorship Calls Bi-Weekly
Text & Voice Note Support 
Personalized Integration Exercises for spiritual & physical healing
Womb Yoga and Yoni Nidra
Focus on the topic(s) that you need the most support with like movement & female pelvic health, womb & yoni healing, Goddess spirituality, menstrual cycle alignment, or work around female sexuality.
Lifetime access to recordings, workbooks, etc
Special discounts on group containers, courses, & events

3 Month Container

One Time: $2330
Monthly: $777
6 Month Plan: $450 deposit and $377 5x

6 Month Container

One Time: $4660
Monthly: $777
12 Month Plan: $450 deposit and $377 11x

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For additional mentorship packages for in-person sessions in Asheville, NC, please contact me directly.

This mentorship is for you if...

You know, deep down, that there is more to being a woman than what society teaches us and you're ready to break free from those molds. You have been experiencing physical symptoms like a tense pelvic floor, tight hip flexors, or pain during sex. You struggle with your menstrual cycle, whether due to mood swings, heavy bleeding, re-learning your body after birth control, or something else. You are on a healing journey and you've been searching for THE thing that makes all the difference. You desire to be so in your pleasure that you see magick all around you. You have explored other realms of healing like therapy, yoga, energy work, nutrition, but still feel like something is missing. You are questioning what you've been taught about sexuality and spirituality. You're ready to view your womanhood and your body as something to be celebrated.

Investing in yourself...

It can feel scary to invest in yourself. Especially when the thing you're investing in has to do with sexuality and taking care of your female body in a way that mainstream society just doesn't understand. When I started investing in healing my own relationship to my female body, my friends and family thought I was so weird. But to finally love my body, to know that I am enough, and to walk through the world being the embodiment of that for other women is priceless. My first big investment after my Yoga Teacher Training was a Wild Feminine Retreat. I was able to go on the retreat using a monthly payment plan and I've structured my own payment plans around that philosophy. And as soon as I paid off that retreat... my libido and orgasms blew up in a way I didn't know was possible! It was amazing! I want you to experience that, too.

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