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May the Circle of Women Live On
Wild Woman Circle

A gathering for women to come together in a sacred container to honor the wildness within

These circles may include:

Wild Feminine Embodiment Practices

Sensual Dance

Breath Work

Womb Connection Practices / Womb Yoga

Yoni Connection and Sacred Sexuality Practices

Wild Woman Yoga

Elemental Connection



Witchy Rituals

Moon Magick


Guided Visualizations & Meditations

Delicious tea, chocolate, fruit

... and dancing naked around a fire... might be kidding with this one, but that painting's vibes are amazing!

wild witch circle_edited.jpg

Fire Dance - Joseph Tomanek

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Head to your inbox for your FREE Womb Connection Meditation! I look forward to connecting with you, Wild Goddess Woman!

If you would like to collaborate on a Wild Women Circle at your studio or for your community, please contact me.

Wild Child, Wild Woman
Yoga Circle & Ceremony

A gathering for women and girls to move, connect, and nourish the Goddess within. We'll flow into yoga sequences (appropriate for all ages and levels), take time to connect with our hearts and each other, embrace our inner confidence, laugh, and be free.

These circles will generally be appropriate for daughters age 5+ due to the length of the workshop (can range from 1-1.5 hours) however you know your daughter best! I have hosted these circles with an age range of 5-80 and it's so beautiful to have such a big range, to honor the stages of a woman's life from Maiden, to Mother (Queen), to Crone.

These circles may include:


Intuitive, Causal Dance

Breath Work

☽ Practices to connect with the woman you came to the circle with or to connect to yourself on a deep level to cultivate inner confidence



Guided Visualizations & Meditations

Delicious tea, chocolate, fruit

Take a Peek
Attend the Next Circle

Wild Child, Wild Woman is held once a month at Laughing Elephant Yoga in Hendersonville, NC. It's a very special opportunity to gather in a community of women and girls of all ages. LEY is a women-owned business that is filled with love.

Women and girls have been gathering together since the beginning of time. This circle is held to remember the magick that exists when we come together. Come with your daughter, your friend, your sister, or by yourself to experice this magick.

Tween Girl Power Yoga

A tween girl gathering to increase mindfulness, strength, and relaxation while honoring what makes them special as the next generation of powerful women

These classes are for 10-15 year olds, but again, you know your daughter best.

These circles/classes may include:


Dancing and moving in whatever way feels fun

Breath Work

☽ Practices for self compassion and to increase gratitude for your body and emotions

Learning yoga poses in a fun and empowering way (think Warrior II = the Warrior Goddess Artimis)

Singing (I always let the girls give me song suggestions!)

Mini Guided Visualizations & Meditations

If you would like to host a Girl Power Yoga class at your studio, for you daughter, for your Girl Scout troop, or anything else please contact me.

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