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4 Ways to Integrate the Wild, Pre-Moon Energy of the Luteal Phase

We're often taught to dread our pre-menstrual emotions. That our feelings just come up because we're hormonal. And sure, hormones and emotions are linked. But it's important for us to validate ALL the emotions we feel during our Luteal Phase. As we move from the Mother energy to the Wild Woman energy, the connection between our left brain and right brain gets stronger. We naturally become more intuitive. The things that come up are what we've been holding onto over the entire month. This is a time to feel, express, and release emotions before your cycle starts over again after your period.

I’ve put off writing about this for sometime. I’m telling myself it’s because this phase of the cycle feels the most important, so I need to do it justice. But perhaps it’s because a small part of me is afraid.

It is normal to fear the Wild Woman, the Enchantress, the Seductress. It’s normal to dread the ravenous emotions of your pre-moon time. The wild woman is all powerful. She’s horny, a creative tornado. Destruction follows her.

How can we not fear her unquenchable thirst? Her blood lust? Her rage? How can we stop dreading the time when she reigns Queen? How can we accept the pre-menstrual time with ease? We must allow the Enchantress to take over. We must run along side the Wild Woman and make love to the Seductress.

Then, as she whispers her secrets to us under the crescent moon, we’ll realize she’s been our best friend all along.

To integrate the wild, pre-moon energy of your Luteal Phase, I challenge you to try these FOUR things during your next cycle:

1. Let yourself FEEL the radical truths of your emotions.

Give yourself permission to cry and scream and laugh.

2. Spend time alone in nature.

Let the Earth and the Sun touch your bare skin.

3. Move intuitively.

Your energy may be unpredictable so don't force yourself to do an intense workout when you crave rest, and don't force yourself to be sill when your body longs to move and release any negative energy. Womb Yoga is a beautiful practice that encourages this.

4. Reflect.

Journal about how you're feeling, reflect on your intention of what you're letting go of during your bleed.

Remember, that the more you integrate the uncomfortable feelings of this phase, the easier it will feel. Let yourself feel your emotions to release them, and let your Wild Woman run free during your pre-moon time and always.


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