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Free Our Nipples, Free Our Hearts

Last night I was at a yoga class, and a man behind me took his shirt off part way through. I was jealous. He was able to feel the beautiful summer air on his skin while I was trapped behind synthetic fibers. My breasts longed to be freed from their cage, to taste the setting sun, to feel the beat of life all around them. But of course, it would be unacceptable for me to take my shirt off during a yoga class in the park. It would be unacceptable for my nipples to be out. But why? Truly, why? There is no logical, scientific reason why our nipples are more sexual than men’s, no reason why they can take their shirts off but we cannot. This is such a blatant example of sexism it blows my mind. Women do not even have the freedom to remove their shirts, while men do. We have the exact same body part and ours are censored on social media and theirs are not.

Our society has taught us that our bodies are vulgar, dirty, something to be ashamed of. It is our Goddess given right to have sovereignty over our bodies. THIS is why practices like Womb Yoga, ecstatic dance, bellydancing, twerking, and intuitive movement are SO important. In a world that is constantly trying to steal our bodies from us, we must show them that this is an impossible task. Our bodies belong to us, to the Earth, to the stars, to the Moon.

Always remember: you are wild, you are free, you are of the Earth and Moon, a Goddess in human form whose Womb moves with the tides.

You are pure magick.

If you wish to embody this magick, and need support along the way, I am opening one-on-one Womb Yoga sessions! I would so love to connect with you on your journey.


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