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“Do you remember?”

My Womb whispers softly under my skin

Tales of a moonlit ocean and secret meetings of a Priestess sisterhood

Images of a woman being burned as her loved ones watch from far away

“Do you remember?”

My Womb speaks louder now

The feeling of the wind on my bare chest, sunlight on my heart

The taste of my blood on my lover’s lips

“Do you remember?”

My Womb is screaming out to me

A dance choreographed by the curves of my hips

A dull aching before I sleep and blood when I wake up

“Do you remember?”

My Womb claws her way to my heart

Tears overflowing into the tide

Isolation and exile, this feminine rawness I feel is not safe

“Do you remember?”

A drum beats fast and it sounds like my heart

Pills I took for years stay unopened in my suitcase

“Do you remember?”

My Womb is a lump in my throat

I try to speak in words my old self would recognize and it doesn’t work

She starts to sing again

“Do you remember?”

My Womb kisses my eyelids

I see deep dark nothingness and starry skies

I travel to the center of the universe and end up back in my body, back in my Womb

“Do you remember?”

My Womb calls out to me in the sweetest voice

She takes my hand and we walk together through her seasons

Her wisdom comes to me in dreams and quiet moments as I sit on the Earth

“Do you remember?”

My Womb kisses my forehead

She spreads pink light over my body with her love

My yoni pluses in remembrance and ancient pleasure

“Do you remember?”

My Womb wisdom emerges from the top of my head

The most exquisite crown I have ever seen

“Do you remember now?”



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