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Wild Women and this Fucked Up Roe v. Wade Decision

It started with Lilith.

They told us she's a demon. That she'll come for our babies in the middle of the night. They warned us that if we were like her we'd be exiled and always lonely. So they said, don't be wild like her. Don't be free. Don't refuse to submit to the patriarchy.

They reduced our Goddesses to consorts and whores and told us God was an angry man who punishes us for our sovereignty. They came for our Red Tents, burned our midwives, destroyed our traditions, and accused us of witchcraft when we danced by the light of the moon.

They preached: A good woman is pure. A good woman is Godly. Hide your bodies from men until one owns you.

They pumped our bodies with hormones that wrecked havoc on our wombs, got rid of our bleeds, and dried the nectar of our yonis.

And now these men who are known predators think they can come in and tell us what we can do with OUR BODIES? Absolutely fucking NOT.

This is just another way for them to encourage to be disconnected from the power of our wombs and the power of sexuality.

This is just another way for them to vilify the Dark Goddess, to vilify womb power and female sexuality.

It started with Lilith and it ends with us. WE are the REBELLION.

I know this decision has already hurt many women and prevented them from receiving the care they need. I know it will continue to. Women who were scheduled for abortions in Texas have already been turned away. Waiting rooms full of women turned away.

I have seen posts and articles about women talking about becoming sterile so they don't have to worry about this. I have seen people warning others to stop having sex. But these things are not the answers and it hurts my wild feminine heart to think that this is seriously being considered.

The answer is sovereignty. The answer is reclaiming our blood. The answer is knowing your fertility signs. The answer is women supporting other women. The answer is orgasms. The answer is connecting to our bodies SO MUCH that no matter what they do they will never ever be able to stop us.

Being woman embodied in her womb power, her sacredness, her sexuality IS the rebellion.

And if something unthinkable happens, there are thousands of women all over the world who will support you. Who will go out of their way to make sure you are safe.

We are the Women Who Run With the Wolves.

We are Durga.

We are Kali.

We are Lilith.

We are the Rebellion.

We are Women.


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