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Womb Connection

When we connect to our Wombs we connect to our wildness, to our essence, to all of creation.

When we connect to our Wombs we connect to love, to pleasure, to ecstatic birth and grueling death.

When we connect to our Wombs we connect to the seasons, to the cycles of the moon, to the nature that exists within.

When we connect to our Wombs we can feel the wisdom of our bodies, the subtle energies flowing out of us at menstruation and filling us through our cycle.

For far too long, we have been disconnected from the Womb. From our own Wombs, the Earth Womb, and the Cosmic Womb.

Our culture doesn't want us to connect to our Wombs because our Wombs are more powerful than the manmade society and more powerful than manmade war. Our Wombs are the epitome of the Life/Death/Life cycle. They destroy all and create all. We hold life and death in our bodies. The codes for all of creation are present inside of US!

Over the past year, I have experienced a Womb Awakening and my Yoga Teacher Training. These simultaneous experiences initiated me into the creation and offering of Womb Yoga. This yoga practice is designed to connect you to your womb, menstrual cycle, inner knowing, and wildness. I will guide you through yoga sequences, help empower you to move intuitively to connect to yourself, and lead you through meditations to heal and awaken your Womb.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "to yoke" or "to unite". In a standard yoga practice, we can unite our mind, body, and spirit. In Womb Yoga, we unite our heart, body, and soul. Establishing a connection to your Womb may feel strange, daunting, or even unnecessary, but there is a reason you have been drawn to this page. Your Womb is calling out to you to connect. A yoga practice to begin this connection may be the perfect place to begin (or continue!) your Womb journey.

Womb Yoga will allow you to remember your power, intuition, and wildness once again. All the sequences, cues, meditations, and breath work practices are designed to connect you to this beautiful, wild, soft, powerful part of yourself. It is a journey home, a journey to wholeness--and our wholeness and power will change the world.


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