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Wild Womb Sacred Yoni


Unleash the Wildness Within

Have you been craving something deeper?

A healing session that takes you into the mysteries of you feminine form?

Something that allows you to release past trauma while honoring your pleasure, your cycle, and your wildness?

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There is a deep connection between your Womb, Yoni, spirituality, and wild, erotic pleasure.
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When we integrate these parts of ourselves we unleash the wildness within, and by doing so, adds more love, pleasure, creativity, and connection in the world.
What to expect:

Discover the mysteries of your feminine spirituality

Learn tools to connect with your yoni & womb including: vaginal massage & de-armoring, sacred self pleasure, sensual embodiment, and elements of Womb Yoga

Journey to the deepest parts of your body & soul

Release trauma stored in your womb & yoni through movement, breath, and visualization

WWSY logo-4-01.png

Wild Womb Sacred Yoni

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