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an intimate group container for women
What if

You knew how to nourish your body through each phase of your menstrual cycle?


You felt confident to show up in the world embodying the knowledge that your body is sacred, divinely perfect, and whole?

You could hold yourself with love as you experience intense emotions?

Every inch of your yoni was orgasmic?

Your womb was fully activated as your internal oracle?

You felt deeply connected to other women?

You reframed your spirituality to focus on your female body?

You moved through the world as a FULLY nourished woman?

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You deserve to be nourished
I will support you to

I spent so many years disconnected from my body, my womb, my yoni, and my emotions. I didn't know how to let myself feel things deeply. I didn't know how to listen to my womb and my body. I didn't know how sacred it was to be a woman.

I was disconnected from the divine, from embodied womanhood, from authentic connection with other women, and my life felt dull.

Do you ever feel like this?

On the outside, my life looked great. I had a job I excelled at, I spent a lot of time with friends, I went on fun dates.

But something was missing...

It was like I was living my life in a way someone else had told me about instead of living my life the way it most serves my body and soul.


When I began nourishing my body, she began speaking to me.


I learned to listen.

This led me down a path of womb healing & awakening, Goddess based spirituality, sexual healing, cosmic orgasms, deep self love, emotional healing, authentic friendships, and creating a life that feels nourishing to my female body and my soul.

I came home to myself

I know you can experience all of that too.

So I created a 9 week group mentorship program for YOU.

Our Topics
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Take a Closer Look

Witch Welcome Ceremony on Friday the 13th (Oct)

Blessing & Intention Setting

Sisterhood Introduction

Grounding for the Female Body


Menstrual Magick

Womb Awakening, Connection, & Healing

Your Womb, Your Inner Oracle

Past Hurt Release


Creating Safety In Your Female Body

Holding Yourself with Love

Heart/Breasts & Womb Connection

Let Go & Let Out Your Emotions


Womb & Yoni Centered Yoga

Radical Body Acceptance

Sleeping Beauty

What Does it Mean to LOVE Your Body?


Why a nourished vagina is important for creativity, happiness, & intellectual curiousity

Reclaiming Your Pussy

Learning the Language of Your Yoni

Finding the Sacredness in Sex


Space to Integrate the Journey

Complimentary 1:1 Mentorship Session*

Stay Connected via Telegram



Your Female Body as a Portal to Source

Intro to Goddess Archetypes

Ancient Feminine Spirituality

Womb/Pussy to Third Eye/Crown Activation


Nurturing Connection with Other Women

Releasing Judgement

Healing the Witch Wound

Seeing the Goddess in All Women


What Does Being a Woman Mean?

Nourished Womanhood

The Sacred Rites of Women

Woman as a Rebellion


Goddess Circle & Ceremony

Wild Feminine Embodiment


Sacred Rites of the Goddess

My Intention

A hug, a warm bath, the hot chocolate you drank as a child. I want this mentorship container to feel deeply nourishing. I want you to feel held within the program to help you feel held within yourself.

I was inspired to create this group mentorship by my in-person yoga classes. My students tell me that it's the only place they can truly feel nurtured. There is a small group who comes regularly and we play, we talk, and together we have created a space in which we can all be ourselves. This is what I want to create for you and with you.

During this mentorship I will teach all my favorite tools that have helped me come to a place of self love and acceptance.

In this mentorship you will


the tools to connect to your womb and intuition easily

how to nourish your female body in each phase of your cycle

how to hold yourself through challenging emotions, feel them, and release them

the connection between your heart, womb, & yoni

how to listen to your body when the world is loud

the foundations of sacred sexuality & tantric philosophy 


a safe space to speak your truth

sisterhood and aligned community

practices to increase the pleasure and safety in your body

ancient Goddess wisdom

practices to awaken & embody your wild feminine


9 LIVE group calls

BONUS Goddess Ceremony

new audio, written, or video practices each week

9 booklets with journaling prompts, advice, and wisdom

access to telegram group

 1:1 support if needed

You are worth it

early apply until 9/22

One Payment of $555


Three Payments of $222

early apply until 9/22

One Payment of $825


Three Payments of $300

starting 9/23

One Payment of $750


Three Payments of $275

starting 9/23

One Payment of $1000


Three Payments of $360

Experience all of the magick of NOURISHED with extra 1:1 support.

the upgrade includes 1:1 sessions biweekly throughout the program for you and me to go into the program topics a little deeper, for you to ask any questions you might have that you feel more comfortable asking 1:1, for you to receive integration practices that fit to your unique experience, or just for you to have a space to be held in your own transformation.

3 spots are available for the upgrade.

Want to talk?

Whether you have questions, want to discuss a different payment plan or option, or you are trying to figure out if this program is aligned for you, I am here!

Send a message via Instagram @morganofthemoon, email, or schedule a call below.

All the Details

Everyone who APPLIES on or before Sept 22  will be included for the early bird rates (even if you haven't heard back from me, yet). I will reach out to you 


You will receive an email welcoming you to the mentorship and with a waiver/contract for you to sign before our Welcome Ceremony. First payment is due to secure your spot when you return the contract.

When it's signed you'll receive the zoom link for our Welcome Ceremony and a little thank you surprise.

This program will begin on Friday Oct 13, 2023 with a Witchy Welcome Ceremony! Details for specific dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Applying does not mean you are confirming your involvement.

All practices, links, and workbooks will be sent via email and in our Telegram Group.


All calls will be recorded and the replays will be emailed to everyone after the call. We will vote on the best time to have Live calls depending on the women who join: Wednesday Evenings, Thursday Evenings, or Sunday Afternoons.

I want everyone who joins this mentorship to be in integrity for herself, for me, for you, and for the other women who join.

I would LOVE to hop on a call with you before hand so you can make sure we vibe before you invest. I know that's super important to me when I am considering working with someone.

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