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Yoni Steaming Info & Herbs

Yoni Steaming is a beautiful, ancient practice in which a woman sits over a pot of steaming herbs and opens her Yoni and Womb to the healing magick of the plants and water.

These are the notes I give to my friends when they ask me about Yoni Steaming! There are also so many beautiful Yoni Steam educators online.

Yoni Herbs

Choose a few herbs to use in your Yoni Steam. Ask your Womb what she is drawn to. You may also choose to steam with just water.

  • Yarrow — blood purifying, pelvic tonic

  • Calendula — comforting, anti-inflammatory

  • Holy Basil (Tulsi) herb — menstrual balm and tonic

  • Rose petals/dried Rose herb — Womb totem of love and healing. Cleansing, moves stagnation. Moves blood

  • Comfrey — healing

  • Motherwort — Womb cleanser and awakener

  • Raspberry leaf — nurturing and protective

  • Lavender — Disinfecting, cooling, calming, connecting, grief support

  • Sage — cleansing and protective. Disinfecting. Addresses dampness

  • Mugwort — stops bleeding, anti-hemorrhagic

  • Rosemary — purifying and stimulating

My Notes

Rose Petals

  • good for Vata imbalance feelings

  • red for the wild feminine, white for the light, innocent feminine, pink for the balance between the two, intersection of light and dark

  • I’ve used dark pink/light red

  • very loving and sweet feeling

  • opening and sensual

Raspberry Leaf

  • feels all around really supportive for the womb, either to steam with or to drink

  • yummy feeling, feeling of gratitude


  • womb awakening

  • I think this herb really guided cosmic visions during my steams

  • also felt sexy with the rose


  • feels like a nice compliment to all these herbs to me for some reason

  • smells delicious and promotes relaxation


  • I see symbols sometimes, like the pyramid with the eye because that eye is the cervix

  • have done steams in total silence, and with a womb/sounding song (like heart beat we hear in the womb)

  • use warm light (salt lamp or red light) to kind of mimic that in the womb feeling

  • During the steam I sit in like a wide child’s pose or just kind of squat over the bowl, I’ve also used yoga blocks under my feet and knees. I usually have a big pillow in front of me to lay on

  • I like to go lay down on my bed after wards with my legs completely on a big pillow so my entire lower body is supported

Steam Advice

There are a couple ways to do it and a couple things to know before you try. You can buy a yoni steam seat and pot from some different places (I think “by kitara” is the best) or you can just use a stainless steel bowl (I do this) I know some people buy the things that go over the toilet, but unless your toilet is like perfectly clean with zero chemicals, I would not recommend doing that bc you’d basically be steaming everything that’s in your toilet into your yoni and womb. You also should stick to using ceramic or stainless steel products and stay away from plastic. When I use a stainless steel bow I wash it and rinse it out with boiling water before I put in the water I use to steam. This way the bowl is as clean as I can possibly make it. You can also smudge the bowl or pot with sage, mugwort, palo santo etc. I would do that before I rinse it with the boiling water but after I wash it with soap.

If you’re just using a bowl/pot, you can lay some towels on the floor and kind of child’s pose over the bowl, and keep a large blanket or a couple towels wrapped around you so the steam doesn’t escape. It should be comfortable enough for you to totally relax, so use any pillows or props you need for support. I usually keep a large pillow in front of me and have yoga blocks nearby so I can balance my feet or knees on them. This helps keep my body relaxed and lifted over the bowl.

You can boil the water in a stainless steel or ceramic kettle or pot. Just make sure you wait until the steam won’t burn you before starting your steam. Let the herbs steep in the water for five minutes or so (with a top on the bowl/pot). I know some people also let the herbs stay in the water while you almost boil it. Use your time steaming as a way to retreat from the world and deeply connect with your body. Let your yoni soften and completely relax as she starts to let the steam in. You can be in quiet or listen to some soft, feminine music. As you settle in take some deep breaths and when you exhale make some noises that will help you relax your pelvic floor. Steam for 10-15 minutes. Notice how your body is relating to the steam, the combination of water and fire. If you use herbs, notice how the properties of the herbs are communicating with your body. After your steam, lay down. Take a few more minutes to be in quiet with yourself. Perhaps you go straight to sleep or take sometime to journal about your experience.

Herbs—you want to use organic fresh dried herbs. You can get them from stores in the bulk herb section or order packets of yoni steaming herbs online. Do not use essential oils because they’re too harsh and concentrated for the yoni. The herbs you use will depend on why you’re steaming and what your period is like. You don’t even have to use herbs if you don’t want to. Just let your body guide you. Don’t steam three days before and after your period, after ovulation if you’re trying to get pregnant, of if you have an IUD. (Unless you want your IUD to possibly come out.)

Remember — Naturally, the yoni is self cleaning and produces discharges to keep herself healthy. While this process may be enhanced through yoni steaming, it’s important to look at yoni steaming as a way to connect to your yoni and womb on the physical and spiritual realms. The herbs you use have incredible health benefits. Through yoni steaming, you will experience healing and relaxation while activating your feminine energy.


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