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This Power Is Ours

This power is ours

This blood is ours

This womb is ours

The keepers of life

of death

of rebirth

This power is ours

We turn spirit into matter

We hold space for a spirit to be nurtured in a body

We birth the human race

This power is ours

We bleed with the moon

On the Earth

We are told to bleed with shame

We are sold products that invade our yoni with toxic chemicals

Doctors give us a pill to stop our bleeding

To end our natural cycles

So we can enter society without the woes fo being a women

No. The woes of being a wombyn are created by this toxic, broken patriarchy

To have a womb is beautiful

To have once had a womb is beautiful

To honor the womb is beautiful

This power is ours.

Each moon month we go through a birth, a death, and a rebirth

We visit the four seasons, the four phases of the moon

Inside our bodies

How fucking magical is that?

This power is ours!

We hold the codes of creation inside of us

The blueprint for the human race

Is in our bodies

This power is ours

We are so close to life

And to be so close to life

Is to be so close to death

This power is ours

When death must come to the life inside our body temples

We choose

This power is ours

This is a sacred power

This is a power that is greater than all other powers

This is a power they want

So they try to take it


This power is ours.

For millennia they have tried to take it for themselves

They have shamed our sexuality

Our yonis

Our blood

And then they have touched us when we don’t want to be touched

They have sold the idea of female sexuality back to us in the form of fake breasts and labia plasty


These bodies are OURS.


We can be big or small or weak or strong or beautiful or ugly or sing or dance or run or fly or swim

We are ALL

We create ALL

This power is OURS.

They do what they want.

They make fucked up laws to hold us back and control our wombs

They feed us the narrative of “be as productive as you can be or else you’re lazy, or else you’re a failure”

They do everything to try and take this power away from us

But at the end,

They cannot

Because this power is ours.

We are the ones who hold the codes of life.

Our sexual pleasure is the foundation for humanity.

They fear this power because they need this power.

They are broken.

They should be the protectors of this power, the structure, the support behind this power

They fail at this and they are miserable

So they want us to be as miserable as them

And they try to take away the things that make us the most sacred.


This Power is OURS

It lives within us

Passed down in our lineage from the dawn of humanity and even before that

Every mammal on Earth comes from a womb

To have womb is to have the power of all of creation within, destruction within

This Power is OURS.

This Power is Ours.

It will Always Be Ours.

And so it is.


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