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Why Are We The Ones Who Are Censored?

Why are we the ones who are censored?

Those that feed humanity from our breasts?

Magical milk pours out and nourishes your babies but you do not care

You call us disgusting and tell us to put it away

Why are our bodies more sexualized than men’s?

Why are our nipples more shameful?

If our nipples were removed would our breasts still be censored? Would we be less of a woman?

Why are we the ones who are censored?

Why do social media empires and internet kings tell us our chests are impure when our hearts beat inside?

Beautiful hearts beat behind our breasts

Milk ducts are flowers behind our skin waiting to blossom

Why are we the ones who are censored?

Those that bring life to planet Earth!

Is it because we’re dirty?

Is it because when our partners suck on our nipples we get wet?

Is it because our breasts turn you on?

Or is it because you’re afraid?

Afraid of our power

Our yonis

Our breasts

Afraid of our ability to create

That which will break the system down

To create change

To cause an uprising of people who are FED UP with you trying to control our bodies

Selling our breasts back to us in push-up bras as cages for our hearts

You want our hearts to be caged

So we cannot be free

For when we are free,

We will destroy you

And rebirth a world that is better for us all.


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