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Welcome Beautiful Woman


Woman. Priestess. Devotee of the Goddess. Mentor. Writer. Yoga Teacher.


I used to live in a perpetual state of homesickness and disconnection. As I journeyed through deep initiations of healing from hormonal birth control, leaving my job, moving to the home of my ancestors, and releasing past trauma, I found womb healing, yoga, and Goddess-based spirituality. My life began to shift dramatically. I felt at home for the first time. I fell in love with my body and my womanhood. My menstrual cycles became orgasmic and my orgasms became cosmic.

This journey inspired me to hold space for other women because I know that we ALL have the capacity to experience the magick of our female bodies.

morgan of the moon

Come home to your body

Your body is sacred.

It is made of flesh and moonlight, death and thunder, birth and oceans, nature and wonder.

Your body is your prayer.

Your home.

Your body is the body of the Goddess, the earth, the universe.

Your womb is an oracle, your pussy is holy, your orgasms are ancient forces of love and spirit.

It is time for you to come home to your body. To nourish her. To re-member her as the portal to your soul.


Women's healing, women's magick. A deep initiation into the mysteries of the womb, the power of female sexuality, the divine within your body, and the forbidden feminine.

☽ Connect to your natural body by learning about the phases of the menstrual cycle, communicating with your Womb, discovering the magick of you blood, and unlocking new realms of your sexuality

☽ Be held and supported as you come home to yourself

☽ Practice movement that supports optimal female pelvic health, relaxation, alignment and strength

☽ Have deep conversations about love, sex, spirituality, and being a woman

☽ Receive practices that bring you into deep relaxation and acceptance of your body, soul, emotions, and mind

☽ Dismantle internalized patriarchal patterns and release trauma from the womb and yoni

☽ Develop a deeper spiritual practice with your womb, yoni, breasts, and all the places in your body you've had conflicting feelings about, to help you on your life journey

1:1 Mentorship

Awaken Your Womb

A ceremonial yoga & meditation practice specially designed to re-connect you to your womb, menstrual cycle, wildness, and inner knowing.

☽ Practice yoga & intuitive moment that honors your feminine nature

☽ Be held in a ceremonial space where you can connect to your womb, yoni, and the deepest wisdom of your body

☽ Feel empowered AF about your body (including your menstrual cycle)

☽ Learn the subtle cues that your body tells you during each phase of your cycle

☽ Begin to develop a spiritual practice with your womb

Womb Ceremony & Yoga

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Start  Your Journey 

I began my womb journey with a meditation that helped me deeply connect to my womb and the wisdom she holds. It is my honor to provide you with this beautiful Womb  & Yoni Nourishment practice to help you connect to your female body and innate sensuality.

Womb & Yoni Nourishment is on it's way to you!


Yummy Yoga 

Yoga was the first tool I used to connect to my body. It helped me feel safe in my body for the first time, heal from sexual assault, and it brought me back to life after intense burnout.

I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Laughing Elephant Yoga in Hendersonville, NC and a Yoga/Pilates Fusion at South Slope Pilates in Asheville, NC. These classes are for everyone and not focused on womb healing or female sexuality. However, my background and passion for embodiment and female physiology deeply influences my teachings. I have both women and men as regular students.

Workshops & Series

text yoga of FS.png

How the 8 Limbs of Yoga Apply to Female Pleasure & Spirituality

8 Week Series w/movement, take home meditations & practices, in depth lecture & discussion of 1 Limb per session


Two Hour Workshop w/lecture as an overview of all 8 Limbs, short discussion & practice

text yoga & MC.png

Aligning Your Yoga Practice with Each Phase of the Menstrual Cycle

4 Week Series to learn phase archetypes, energies, & what's happening in your body, a full yoga practice for each phase


Two Hour Workshop w/interactive lecture & movement integrated throughout


Yoga or Pilates based Movement for Optimal Female Pelvic Health and Function

Two Hour Workshop on the foundations of movement for female pelvic health and how that relates to our spirituality, sexuality, and hormonal health as women

Also available as a focus for 1:1 Mentorship

text SY.png

Yoga for Women to Connect with Their Sacred Erotic & Sensual Nature

A loving, safe space for women to move their bodies and connect to themselves FOR themselves

Available for private groups, bachelorettes, movement workshops, & 1hr classes

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golden moon-01_edited.png
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