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Come home to your body


Women's healing, women's magick. A deep initiation into the mysteries of the womb.

☽ Connect to your natural body by learning about the phases of the menstrual cycle, communicating with your Womb, discovering the magick of you blood, and unlocking new realms of your sexuality

☽ Be held and supported as you come home to yourself

☽ Have deep conversations about love, sex, spirituality, and being a woman

☽ Receive practices that bring you into deep relaxation and acceptance of your body, soul, emotions, and mind

☽ Dismantle internalized patriarchal patterns and release trauma from the womb and yoni

☽ Develop a deeper spiritual practice with your womb, yoni, breasts, and all the places in your body you've had conflicting feelings about, to help you on your life journey

Awaken Your Womb

Womb Ceremony & Yoga

A yoga practice specially designed to re-connect you to your womb, menstrual cycle, wildness, and inner knowing.

☽ Practice yoga & intuitive moment that honors your feminine nature

☽ Be held in a ceremonial space where you can connect to your womb, yoni, and the deepest wisdom of your body

☽ Feel empowered AF about your body (including your menstrual cycle)

☽ Learn the subtle cues that your body tells you during each phase of your cycle

☽ Begin to develop a spiritual practice with your womb

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Hi Beautiful!

I'm Morgan

Wild Feminine Womb Priestess

I'm here to help women feel safe and at home in their female bodies.

I guide my clients to re-connect with their body's innate knowing through yoga, meditation, intuitive movement, their womb cycles, the elements, and breath work.

I believe we are given these bodies as a gift. Your body is a portal to your soul. Especially as women we hold the energetic blue print of all of creation inside our bodies. By reconnecting to your Womb, you reconnect to all of creation.


Start  Your Journey 

I began my womb journey with a meditation that helped me deeply connect to my womb and the wisdom she holds. It is my honor to provide you with this beautiful Womb Connection Meditation to help you connect to your own Womb, the Earth Womb, and the Cosmic Womb.

Head to your inbox for your Womb Connection Meditation!Sending infinite love and health to your Womb.xo

Get in touch

Do you have questions or just want to talk? Feel free to reach out to me!

If you're in the Asheville, NC area let's get together for a cup of tea or explore my in person offerings below.

Circle of Women

The most PROFOUND transformations I have experienced and witnessed has been in women's circles.

I've seen women embrace parts of their soul long forgotten. I've seen mothers cry looking into their daughter's eyes.

I've seen naked women dancing in firelight--completely free.

We've laughed together, cried together, danced together.

These spaces are where we can connect to our bodies, heal the sisterhood wound, the witch wound, increase our self love, and experience a safe place where we can just BE.

Move Your Body


In Person Yoga

My in person yoga schedule at Laughing Elephant Yoga in Western NC

☽ Yoga for ALL - Monday 4:30pm

☽ Girl Power Yoga - Every Other Wednesday 4:30pm

☽ Yoga for ALL - Thursday 4:30pm

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